Access Domain Without WWW in Front

 All domain names are set up in such a way that can be accessed directly with or withoutwww” in front of your URL. If you are having errors when accessing either of the two URLs, it is possible that your DNS set up has trouble, redirection, or website application issues.

What Is WWW

World Wide Web or WWW is used mainly as a subdomain name like This is mostly used to verify domain name ownership. Because of practices, many of us use it in front of the domain name to access a website. However, it is not technically required since both pull up the same website content by default.

What to Do

If your domain name is not accessible without www, we recommend on checking your DNS settings for this to see if they are pointed correctly for your domain name. Click on the link for your guide on what is DNS.

You can also redirect your domain name. If you go to Vodien, when you type on the address bar, it will redirect you to This is also possible with your domain name, you may refer to this article on how to do a non-www to www redirect.

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