Access your WordPress Hosting files

You may access your WordPress Hosting files by connecting to SSH/SFTP through an FTP Client. The example below is using FileZilla Mac.

Step 1. Take note of your WordPress SFTP credentials.

Step 2. Open FileZilla.

Step 3. Click File and select Site Manager… or

Click on the Site Manager icon.


Step 3. Click on New Site button.

Step 4. Enter the hostname.

Step 5. Enter the port number: 22

Step 6. Under Protocol type, select SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol.

Step 7. Enter the username.

Step 8. Enter SFTP password.

Step 9. Click Connect button.

You will be able to access your WordPress files which are located in the Remote site.

Do not hesitate to contact ourĀ support teamĀ if you have further questions.

access wordpress files

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