What happens when my account run out of space?

When your account run out of space, emails and website services will be interrupted. Which means webmail is inaccessible and websites generating cache and sessions will result to website error.

To resolve the issue, kindly follow the steps below.

Account run out of space solution

Step 1. Do a housekeeping.

You may need to delete unwanted files and emails from your webspace. This can be done through the cPanel File Manager or via FTP.

Step 2. Contact support team for assistance.

Our world class control panel allows us to upgrade your account disk space on the fly. Simply drop us an email and we will upgrade your plan instantaneously.

Step 3. Upgrade your hosting plan to a higher package.

Our sales department and billing department will provide you the differences in the price plans for the rest of the unused prepaid period.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Account run out of space

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