How to ensure that you get your Affiliate Commission

Being a Vodien Affiliate is as simple as A,B,C. Anyone can register to be a Vodien Affiliate; registration is free and you are able to earn as much passive income as you can. It can be as simple as placing a banner in your website or email signature.What’s more, you will get to enjoy recurring commissions from the clients you referred!

How to ensure that you get your Affiliate Commission

  1. Use our Vodien pre-made banners for your advertisement; they are already coded with your unique referral link that will capture any payments made through the link
  2. If you want to use your own banners, make sure that you link your unique referral link
  3. To ensure that you get your commission from your paying referee, please remind or ensure that your referee complete the payment in the single page, and make sure that he or she follow through the page and do not refresh/go back or forward during the transaction (IP & Cookie-based Tracking)
  4. All referral statistics are updated in real time, if you do not see an updated figure after your referee has made payment through your link, please contact us at
  5. Please ensure that your referee does not use any discount code.

How to validate Affiliate Tagging


  1. The product has not been tagged to any affiliates prior to the request.
  2. Either one of these:
    * Affiliates must request tagging before or within 30 days from order date.
    * If payment is after the order date, the 30 day window can start from the paid date instead.
    (E.g. order date 2016-10-20, paid date 2016-10-28, 30 days window commences on paid date 2016-10-28 instead)

    Both 1 and 2 must be satisfied before tagging can proceed.

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