Backup Data Using FTP Hosting

This article will educate you about backup data using FTP Hosting.

Backing up your data in one place (such as your home) is risky because of the chance of fire, theft and other disasters that can happen, which may wipe out your primary and backup data sources. Here are just some causes for computer, hard disk, or data loss:

  • The building in which you have your computer and your backups burns down or is destroyed in a natural disaster
  • Virus infections on your entire local network
  • Hard disk crashes
  • Stolen computer

The best alternative way to backup your data is over the Internet – to a remote storage area using FTP hosting service .This is particularly important if you do most of your work on a laptop, and travel around quite a bit. FTP (or File Transfer Protocol) is a common standard used for transferring files (upload or download) over the Internet. With FTP software, it makes data backups so easy that you don’t need to be a computer professional to backup your data through it. FTP backup is possible with Vodien’s FTP hosting plans. With these plans, you can backup your data and important files to our servers using FTP (File Transfer Protocol). This is a practical way to perform remote backup as it allows you to easily store important files and data offsite, and protects you against data loss from a disaster affecting your local computers. Remote backup with our FTP hosting plans is suitable for:

  • Regular users
    FTP hosting can be used as a personal remote backup solution that protects your data from uncontrollable situations that could affect your local computer and hardware. If you are always travelling, then FTP backup service would be very suitable because you can access your backed up data on the FTP server from any computer, anywhere in the world.
  • Companies dealing with large files
    If you have a company that always needs to transfer large files (e.g. mock-ups, proposals, video) to people all over the place, then always sending it via email will not work due to file size limitations. FTP hosting is a good solution because it allows you to upload/download files easily, and also resume uploads/downloads, which is important in transferring large file sizes.
  • Company backups
    Most company policies have their own local backup; but does not protect the company against natural disasters, theft, fire, and local hardware issues which may happen to the office. A remote backup through FTP hosting addresses this problem.

For a list of video tutorials that we have, please visit our FTP video tutorials page.

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