What Happens to My Domain When Hosting Is Cancelled

Canceling the Hosting account does not cancel the Domain Name. However, if the Domain Name is being used in the Hosting account, websites and emails associated with the Domain Name will no longer be accessible.

If you have important files, we advise that you make sure to back up those data before canceling any service that you are using.

Refer to the following regarding the backup of files, database, and emails:

  • Back up website using JetBackUp (only available to certain Hosting packages)
  • Back up website using an FTP client (download and use any free FTP client)
  • Export database via phpMyAdmin
  • Back up emails via Email Client (applicable to both IMAP and POP email setup)

You may also check the instructions for Cancellation of the Hosting Plan by clicking here.

If you only want to cancel the additional items from your Hosting Plan and not the entire package, you may contact our Billing Department.

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