ccTLDs That Can Be Hosted and Registered with Vodien

Vodien hosts all types of ccTLDs (country code Top Level Domains). ccTLDs are generally used or reserved for a country, sovereign state, or dependent territory identified with a country code.

But first, let’s differentiate what we mean by Host and Register in this article, as this is usually where the confusion starts.

What Does Host Mean

A host is a type of Web server that stores, serves and manages websites and/or web-based applications and services. Once you have a hosting provider, that does not necessarily mean that they’re also the ones who you register your domain name with.

The domain name Registrar can be a different organisation from your host or hosting provider.

Why Use ccTLDs

The very popular reason why ccTLD is used or registered is to attract local markets in your area. Businesses that are just starting would market locally, then expand when they’re ready to do so. This also drives loyalty and trust to your existing and new customers or audience.

Examples of ccTLDs You Can Register with Us

With Vodien, we offer domain registration services for country-specific domain names and we’ve listed some of them below:

Sample cctlds

If you can’t find the ccTLD that you want in the list below, don’t worry. Just search for the domain that you want by clicking here.

You are not limited to only having one organisation to manage all your domain and website services. It will always be your decision to keep things in one location or not. If you have any of the ccTLDs above registered outside of Vodien, you may learn more about hosting an external domain name by clicking here.

If you need further help with registering a domain name or hosting your domain, do not hesitate to contact our 24/7 Singapore or Australia Support Team.

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