How to Change Email Password in Hosting Manager

The emails can’t be accessed without your email password. In case you forgot your email password or just want to change it for security purposes, you can follow the steps below on how to reset it.  

Note: The steps herein are for Cheapdomains and AustDomains hosting legacy plans. If you have another kind of hosting plan, follow the steps on how to change email password in cPanel and in Email Exchange instead. 

Step 1. Log in to Control Panel or the Hosting Manager.  

Step 2. Click Email or the [v] dropdown arrow symbol on its right. 

Email Drop Down in Hosting Manager

Step 3. ClicAccounts from the drop-down menu.  

Hosting Manager Email Accounts Option

Step 4. Scroll down to Email Accounts section and look for the email address to which you will be changing the password. Use the search box if necessary.  

Step 5. Click the corresponding key button on the right of the email address.  

Hosting Manager Change Password Key Button

Step 6. Enter the new password twice in the boxes provided. Use the Password Generator if necessary.  

Hosting Manager Enter New Email Password

Note: Make sure to take note of the randomly generated password when using the Password Generator. 

Step 7. Click the Change Password button to save the changes.  

Hosting Manager Email Account Change Password Button

A message appears saying Password Changed.  

Hosting Manager Email Password Changed Message

Access your webmail to verify the change of the email password. Also, update your email server settings on your computer and phone with the new password for the emails to continue to work on those devices.  

Please don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 Singaporeor Australia Support Team if you have further questions.   

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