How to Change File Permissions in cPanel

File permissions control who can readwrite, and execute a specific file. When a file is created, default permissions are assigned. Some user doesn’t change the permissions on new files or folders, however, there are times when there are updates, needed installations, etc. it’ll require a file permission change. Viewing and changing of file permissions through File Manager or FTP clients. 

Here’s how you can change file permissions via cPanel: 

Step 1. Log in to the cPanel using this link format: Replace with theMain Domain Name connected to your hosting.
Step 2. Click File Manager under the Files panel.

Step 3. Highlight the name file or the folder which you would like to change the permission.
Step 4. Locate Permissions on the top-right. You have two options:

a. Click the current permission, until you can edit and click Save or;

b. Hit right click on your mouse, and choose Change Permissions and enter the new permission for the folder or file. Click Change Permissions to save.

Any changes done will be applied immediately. 

If you require any assistance or, if you’ve encountered any issues, you may contact our Singapore and Australia Support Team, we’re available 24/7 to help you out.

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