How to Change Language in Webmail

By default, Webmail’s language is English. However, this doesn’t meant that you can keep it as is. You can change the language to your mother tongue for easy access and convenience. 

Vodien is now using Roundcube across all email services for uniformity. The steps below will show you on how to change the language in Webmail: 

Step 1Log in to your Webmail. You can go to or
Replace to your Main Domain Name connected to your email.
Step 2. Click Settings on the top-right. 

Step 3Under Settings, choose Preference, and under Section, choose User Interface. 

Step 4. Under Main Options, click the drop down box for Language and select your desired language. 

Step 5. Click Save. 

If you wish to do changes on how your Webmail will look and change time zones or date formats, you may also do it on the same page. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 Singapore or AustraliaSupport Team if you have further questions.

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