Change PHP version with easyapache on SSH

Kindly note that rebuilding apache and changing the php versions have a slight chance to break your sites configured to a previous php version. Please be guided by the information in this article on how to change PHP version with easyapache on SSH.

Do consult with a web developer prior to attempting this change.

Nevertheless, the following steps is to rebuild your apache using the cPanel script.

1. Run this command -> /scripts/easyapache

2. Select the profile, choose default.

3. Select customize profile

4. Select the default apache version

5. Select the intended php version

6. Configure the Short options list as intended, or select the Exhaustive options list for more in depth options.

7. Save and build and let it run (do not cancel the operation by pressing ctrl+c or closing the ssh session)

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Change PHP version with easyapache on SSH

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