How to Change WHM Root Password

Changing the password of each email account in the server is useless if the server itself is not secure. Updating your WHM password from time to time adds security to your server. See the steps below on how to change the WHM root password of your server 

Note: WHM access is only available in Vodien Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers .

Step 1. Log in to WHM. 

WHM Login Page

Step 2. Click Server Configuration on the sidebar menu or on the WHM Home page.  

Server Configuration in WHM

Step 3. Click Change Root Password

Change Root Password in WHM

Step 4. Enter a new root password twice in the boxes provided. You can also use the password generator by clicking the Generate button.  

Enter New Root Password

Step 5. Click the Change Password button. 

Change Root Password Button in WHM

You can now use the new root password when you log in to WHM.  

Feel free to contact our Singapore or Australia Support Team if you have further questions. 

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