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  4. How to Connect to SSH via Windows

How to Connect to SSH via Windows

Things you need to connect to SSH:  

Note: This is only available to Vodien Virtual Server plans and Dedicated Server plans.

Follow the steps below on how to connect to SSH via a Windows device.  

Step 1. Open the Putty app on your Windows device. Use the Windows search box if necessary.  

Open Putty on Windows

Step 2. Under Category, click Connection >> SSH >> Auth. 

Auth Tab in Putty App

Step 3. Click the Browse button and Open the downloaded private key from the generated SSH keys from your server 

Browse Private SSH Key

Open SSH Private Key from Local Directory

Step 4. On the left window, click Session and enter the Basic options for your PuTTy session on the right.  

  • Host Name (or IP address) – Enter the host name or IP address of the remote server you want to access.  
  • Port – Leave the default port number – 22. 
  • Connection Type – Choose SSH 
  • Saved Sessions – Enter a name to label this SSH connection. Then, click Save. This allows you to reconnect to the same SSH connection later.  

Set up Basic Options for Putty Session

Step 5. Under Saved Sessions, click the stored session you want to access and click Load

Select and Load Saved Session

Step 6. Click Open to launch the command-line interface.  

Putty Saved Session Open Button

Step 7. Click either of the options below to continue.  

  • Accept – Click Accept to connect and to add the SSH key to Putty’s cache.  
  • Connect Once – Click Connect Once to connect without adding the SSH key to Putty’s cache.  

Accept SSH Key or Just Connect Once

Step 8. Enter the username as the login as. Enter root if you log in as the root user of the server.  

Enter Username for SSH Connection

Step 9. Enter the passphrase key for the imported SSH key. 

When successful, your username and server name show on the command line. You can now enter the SSH command you want to execute.  

Feel free to contact our Singapore or Australia Support Team if you have further questions. 

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Updated on February 17, 2022

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