Convert from IMAP to POP and vice versa

There are two types of incoming mail server you can use for email clients and devices РIMAP and POP. But before you decide to convert from IMAP to POP and vice versa, make sure to backup your email files.

Email Backup

Backing up your emails may depend on what email client you are using. Here are some helpful instructions on how to back up your email files.

  1. Via FTP
    You may either use an FTP application to do this or download the file from your cPanel.
  2. Via email client (most recommended) – email clients have the option to export email files; either using .CSV,

Note: Backup in Outlook – check what Outlook version you are using before you proceed.


Thunderbird on the other hand does not have a built-in export/import option and you may need to install an addon for that.  You may add the same email address though either IMAP or POP and move the emails to the new setup. Once done transferring the emails, you may delete the old email account.

Import Emails

Delete email account and set up a brand new one. If you cannot see the emails in the email client specially if you used POP before, import the backup. If the previous setup is IMAP, kindly check emails via Webmail before deleting it.

Note: For mobile devices, there is no export and import options. This is the reason why it is recommended to use IMAP mail server when setting up the email account in your mobile device.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Convert from IMAP to POP

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