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How to Convert IMAP to POP and Vice Versa

You may have set up your email client to check email via POP or IMAP on any of your email clients or mobile and decided to switch to the other protocol before reinstalling your computer. There is no easy switch to do this, but to use the protocol of your liking, you can reconfigure your email account in your email client. Before reconfiguring your emailto save your current data the best way go is to backup your emails.

Email Backup

Email backup is a copy of your current emails which will be recovered in case these current copies will be deleted or corrupted. Email backups will depend on what email client you are using, which is recommended. Aside from email clients, you have one other way to back up your emails:

  • Via FTP
    You can use an FTP client, like FileZilla, or download the file directly from your cPanel.

However, email client like Thunderbird does not have a built-in export/import option. You may need to install an addon for you to proceed with the backup. Although there is a way for you to transfer emails, click on How to Transfer Emails Using Thunderbird to know more.

Important: Mobile devices don’t have the import/export option. If you are only using your mobile or your tablet, we recommend setting them up on an email client that is easy access for you to proceed with the backup.

Import/Export Emails

To start with your backups, you may go through the list below for the email clients that you are using. For Outlook, make sure to check the version you’re using before you proceed. The links below will show you steps on how to import and export:

When you’ve already done with the import and reinstallation of your computer or email client, you will be setting up the email address again. This is our guide on How to Set up Emails on Desktop or Mobile.

If you require any assistance, or if you encounter any troubles, you may contact our Singapore and Australia Support Team, they’re available 24/7 to help you out.

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Updated on August 17, 2020

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