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How to Create an Email Account or Mailbox

When you’ve received the confirmation email that your Email Hosting is already activated, you can then create your email addresses. You’ll be guided here on how to create your personalised email account. 

You may go to our article on how you can have your email account if you are still unfamiliar about Email Hosting services. 

Basic Email Hosting

Note: The steps below are applicable if you have Basic Email Hosting or the Web Hosting service.

Step 1. Log in to the cPanel using this link format:
              Replace with the Main Domain Name connected to your hosting.
Step 2. Click Email Accounts under the Email Panel.

Step 3. Click +Create button on the right.
Step 4. Type your username and password for your new email account.
Make sure to choose the right domain name in case of multiple domains on the server.

Username This is the unique name of your email address. For instance, if you wish to have [email protected], your username is “contactme”.
Password Make sure that the password is strong enough to be accepted by the system. It is recommended that your password contains:

  • An upper and lower case letters
  • Numbers
  • Symbols
Mailbox Quota This is the amount of space you may use for your stored emails.

Important: Quotas are limited when it comes to Basic Email Hosting, however, if you have email accounts connected to your website hosting, you may set to unlimited or as you please.

Step 5. Click +Create.

Once done with the email creation, you will be routed back to the list of email accounts page. You can then manage your email, connect and email address to devices and check your email.

Exchange Email Hosting

You will get an email to your Account’s registered email address, that your Email Exchange is ready and activated. Once you get this, we recommend contacting our Support Team to assist you further in creating and personalising of your email account.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 Singaporeor Australia Support Team if you have further questions. 

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Updated on September 20, 2021

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