Difference between Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Backup

Depending on your WEB HOSTING plan, you may have either a Data Backup or Disaster Recovery Backup option bundled with your plan. Read on to learn the difference between these two backup types:

Data Backup

VODIEN provides Remote Automatic Data Backup for all WEB HOSTING and BUSINESS HOSTING plans. The backup process is powered by JetBackup and will automatically generate backups on a daily or weekly basis.

What is VODIEN Data Backup?

  • Recovers data after its loss. Has an option to have backup copies of individual dates and individual data depending on the request and on the hosting plan.
  • Keeping a copy of the files for security purposes and preventive measures.

Vodien Backup Coverage (For Files & Folders Only)

WEB HOSTING Plans – Weekly Backup, up to last 2 weeks (1 copy per week)

BUSINESS HOSTING Plans – Daily Backups, up to last 7 day (7 copies)

Disaster Recovery

VODIEN provides Remote Automatic Disaster Recovery for all VPS Hosting plans.

What is VODIEN Disaster Recovery Backup?

Vodien provides free disaster recovery backup for VPS HOSTING plans. The disaster recovery service acts as an image-level backup solution for emergency cases.

Disaster Recovery is designed for protecting data loss in emergencies of failure in our full systems and Vodien VPS Cluster Infrastructure, to ensure business continuity for VODIEN and its customers in any severe events that may happen to our infrastructure.

  • All clients are expected and encouraged to perform their regular data backups to their local storage/computer.
  • All clients are urged to perform backups prior to any major updates to their website.DISASTER RECOVERY FOR VPS HOSTING
    • Disaster recovery backup will be on a last 1 day – 1 copy basis.
    • Regular automated backups.


    • Enhanced Disaster recovery backup with coverage up to last 7 days – 7 copies.
    • Limited to 100GB.
    • Includes 1 free Full VPS Restoration per month.
    • S$40/month


Premium Data Backup Addon for WEB HOSTING/VPS HOSTING plans

Remote Automatic Data Backup (For Files & Folders)

  • Last 7 Days – 7 Copies


  • For webValue & webPlus: S$5/mth
  • For webExpert, webElite & webUltimate: S$10/mth
  • For all VPS Hosting plans (limited to 100GB): S$40/mth

The premium data backup addon option includes one free restoration request per month and will provide up to last 7 days – 7 copies of backup.



  •  All paid backups include one free restoration request per month
  •  For additional restoration request, it will be chargeable at S$25 per incident. The mentioned restoration request will be done via Jetbackup.
  • For Managed Restoration and Site Clean-up: Vodien provides managed restoration and cleanup services for websites. The backup copy used will be based on the user’s subscribed backup copy, and will be chargeable at S$120 per request for a single website. Vodien will restore the site to the latest backup copy, and clean up any malicious files present in the account. Furthermore, Vodien will investigate the root cause of the issue, update the related software if necessary and advise customers on how to better secure their application and account.
  • For Reinstatement and Restoration for Terminated Accounts: Clients have the responsibility to ensure that their hosting services are duly paid. For reinstatement and restoration services for terminated accounts, each request will be chargeable up to S$150. Reinstatement and restorations of the account will be subjected to the availability of the backup copies.

Backups dated older than the retention date will be automatically overwritten with new backups. To obtain a copy of your backup, you may use the JetBackup or open a support ticket to us requesting for your backup.

All clients are still urged to perform their own backups regularly, and backup before making any major changes to their websites.

Kindly get in touch with our Sales Team for the latest updated backup policies, information provided above are guidelines only.

Additional subscription can be made for backup service, kindly contact our sales team on this.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team.

Data Backup

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