Does Email Exchange Update Calendars on All Devices

Yes, Email Exchange includes Exchange Calendar that helps you organise your Calendar and make it available on any mobile device with Exchange ActiveSync. In this article, we’ll know more about Exchange Calendar and its features in Email Exchange.

Exchange Calendar

Exchange Calendar uses ActiveSync – a protocol that is used to connect a mobile device to your organisation’s Mailbox Server and synchronise information like your Calendar making it accessible across all devices.

Features in Exchange Calendar include:

  • Schedule Assistant
    Exchange Calendar assists you in checking your availability and makes sure that there is no collision with your schedule on a specific day.
  • Permissions for Collaboration
    Lets you designate people within your organisation to CreateEditView, and Delete items in your Calendar.
  • Filtered Synchronisation
    Allows you to set Filter Synchronisation to see only relevant and latest events or meetings on a specific Calendar.

In addition, Exchange Calendar allows you to ShareCreate Additional, and Access another person’s Shared Calendar with Outlook. Follow the steps below on how to open a calendar.

If you’re using Outlook on your browser (OWA), click on the 9-Square Icon at the top menu and select Calendar.

Calendar Button in Outlook Web Access

Opening a Shared Calendar via Outlook Web Access

Follow these steps to manually access a calendar that’s been shared with you:

Step 1. Log In to your Outlook Web Access (OWA).

Step 2. Click on the 9-Square Icon at the top menu and select Calendar.

Step 3. Right-click on Your Calendars from the left-side menu and select Open Calendar.

Open Calendar Option in Outlook Web Access

Step 4. A pop-up box will appear. On the From directory field, enter the complete name or email address of the user who shared the Calendar with you.

Step 5. Click Search Directory to ensure that the user exists, then click Open.

The Shared Calendar will be added on the left-side menu.

Shared Calendar Display on Outlook Web Access

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