Does Email Exchange Update Sent Items on All Devices

Yes. The main advantage of Email Exchange is Email Synchronisation through ActiveSync – which gives you access to the Emails on all your devices. ActiveSync is a protocol used to allow your devices to connect to your organisation’s Mailbox Server and retrieve all data including your Sent Items Folder.

Let’s look into the Email Exchange features for your Sent Items Folder:

  • Create Subfolders
    Email Exchange gives you the control you need to declutter your mailbox and organise mail, including your sent items.
  • Auto Archive
    Allows you to reduce the size and improve the performance of your primary Mailbox by applying Archive Policies to specific folders.
  • Filter Synchronisation
    Lets you set Synchronisation Filters to see only relevant and latest items in a specific folder.

Getting your Emails synchronised on your mobile and other devices with Email Exchange helps you and your organisation effectively communicate and manage your business on the go.

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