Does Exchange Show Email Attachments on All Devices

Yes, Email Exchange gives us the ability to configure our Mailbox Attachments with the Attachment Handling option – making it accessible all across devices with Exchange ActiveSync (EAS).

In this article, know more about Attachment Handling capabilities in Email Exchange and ActiveSync.

Attachment Handling

Attachment Handling is an option in Email Exchange that allows you to configure the attached documents in your emails and file availability across all devices. It is possible because of Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) – which acts as an intermediary between organisation Mail Servers to your mobile device. Once the connection is established EmailsCalendarsContacts, and Tasks are then retrieved – including Attachments – to be accessible on your mobile devices.

Options available in Attachment Handling include:

  • Attachment and Document Preview – view an email attachment with one click without using a 3rd party application.
  • Reply with Changes – track changes made on a document attached to an email.
  • Storage Accounts – attach files to your emails from your 3rd party storage accounts like Dropbox.

Attachments that are allowed are not limited to common file types like HTMLWord DocumentsPDF, etc; but you can also attach CalendarsContacts, and Tasks and still view these even if you’re on your mobile phone.

Also, Email Exchange provides real-time synchronisation for any action made on your Mailbox and updates them all across your devices. Learn what mobile devices are compatible for your Exchange email accounts.

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