Domain Ownership

FAQ about Domain Ownership:

When I register a new domain name through Vodien, does the domain name belong to me?


Absolutely. When you register a domain name, automatically the billing account details are copied as the registrant information. You can also check the domain registrant information to verify your domain name ownership. Simply search for your domain name using our domain Whois. However, the registrant information will only show your personal details if the domain is publicly registered. If you have purchased the Domain ID Protection, it will show Vodien’s Privacy Protect details. (Learn more about Domain Privacy.)

To transfer your domain to another registrar, please be guided by our transfer away from Vodien instructions.

Change of Domain Whois Information

If you would like to update your domain WHOIS information CINOBIN, .ASIA and SG domains, this can be done through Account Manager. For other TLDs, please email us with the new WHOIS records in this format:

Full Name:
Email :
Company Name:
Address :
City : (e.g. Singapore)
State : (e.g. Singapore)
Postcode :
Country : (e.g. SG)
Phone Number:

*Take note that all information is required.

Changing of domain WhoIs information is free of charge for ICANN domain names.

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Domain Ownership

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