Domain Privacy

Domain privacy is optional. You can protect your personal information from being obtained from the public domain whois system using Vodien’s ID Protect. With ID Protect, your registrant contact details will not be visible in public domain whois searches, helping you keep unwanted attention and email spammers away.

In addition to the above, the request for the Domain ID Protection can be achieved at an additional cost of S$12/year. We have included a screenshot link here which will show you how the Domain ID Protection feature will work for you:



Please do note that ID protection is not prorated and the expiry date for it will be in-line to Domain Name’s renewal and expiration dates.

Due to registry restrictions, ID Protection cannot be used with,, .sg, .bz, .ca, .cn, .uk,, .de, .eu, .in,, .nu, .li, .ch, .fr,, .us, .es,,,,,, .nyc or domains.



If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Domain Privacy


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