How to download an email using Roundcube?

You can download a specific email to your local drive using Roundcube through Webmail. The file will be saved as .EML(e-mail message). Please follow the instructions below on how to download an email using Roundcube.

Download an email using Roundcube

Step 1. Log in to Webmail.


Step 2. Located at the right hand corner of Webmail is your email address. Click on the drop down arrow and choose Roundcube.


Step 3. Choose on the email you want to download.choose-email

Step 4. Click on More and choose Download (.eml).

download an email using Roundcube

The file will be downloaded in your local computer. More likely can be found in Downloads folder. When you try to open the file, it is automatically readable in your Mail Program like Outlook, Mac Mail, etc.

Don’t hesitate to contact our SuperSupport staff if you require further assistance or have other enquiries!

download an email using Roundcube

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