How to Back up and Restore Emails Using Jetbackup

Note: Backup and restore of emails using Jetbackup is only for emails under Web Hosting services.

When your email is set up as IMAP on a device, the server where your email sits stores backup. You have a different way of backing up your emails this is through your cPanel. 

JetBackup is an application that you can use on your cPanel that allows you to quickly backup your emails. 

Please be guided below on how to backup and restore emails below. 

Download Email Account Backups

Step 1. Log in to the cPanel using this link format:  
Replace with the Main Domain Name connected to your hosting.
Step 2. Click E-Mail Backups under JetBackup panel.

Step 3. Locate the email address you’d like to back up, and click Generate Download.

Step 4. To continue to download, click Add to Download Queue.

Step 5. You will be notified that the request is in progress. Once done, Download will be available, click on it and the file will be saved in your computer.

Email Account Backups Restore

Step 1. On the same page, locate the email address you’d like to restore. Click Restore. 
Passwords and data of the account will reset to its original details from the date you chose to restore. Emails will be overwritten.

Step 2. You will be asked if you are sure about the restoration, tick the box “Are you sure you want to restore this account? and click Add to Restore Queue. 

You will be notified that the restoration is in progress. To check progress, you can go to Queue, still under the JetBackup panel. 

If you require any assistance, or if you encounter any troubles, you may contact our Singapore and Australia Support Team, they’re available 24/7 to help you out.

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