Email Forwarders for Business Hosting (bizValue – bizUltimate500GB)

Users on Business Hosting packages can add email forwarders for any created email accounts. Adding email forwarders allow you to forward emails from a selected email account in your hosting account to any other email addresses.

How to Forward Email Accounts to Internal Email Addresses

Step 1. Log in to your cPanel.

Step 2. Under Email panel, click on Forwarders feature.

Step 3. In the Forwarders page, you can add email aliases for your internal email addresses. Click “Add forwarder”

Step 4: Add the email address you want to forward under “Address to Forward:”. Add the email account you want to forward to under “Forward to Email Address”.  Click add forwarder

Step 5: That’s all! For the above example, emails to will be automatically copied to

How to Forward Email Accounts to External Email Addresses

If you would like to forward emails from your existing email accounts to external email addresses, you would have to contact our SuperSupport team to request for the email forwarder adding.

Email forwarding to external email addresses is free of charge for all business hosting users, simply email us and let us know which accounts you would like to forward your email accounts to.


Email Forwarders Limitation

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