How to enable hotlink protection?

Hotlink protection is available for Virtual Private Server and Dedicated Server hosting packages.

Hotlink protection

When this is enabled, anyone who uses your specific file url (for example PDF, images, etc.) would not use your website bandwidth. There are website developers that may use your file specific link for images for example and it uses your bandwidth.


Your image specific link:

Other website developer uses this in their site as an image source instead of uploading their own image and may use the following code:

<img src=”” />

Enable Hotlink Protection

Step 1. Log in to the cPanel.

cPanel-Login-SS | MySQL

Step 2. Click on Hotlink Protection under Security.


Step 3. Click Enable button.enable-hotlink-protection

Step 4.The feature is now enabled. hotlink-protection-enabled

Step 5. The URLs allowed are listed. You may configure it by deleting a URL or adding allowed URLs.



Step 6. You may also add file extensions that is blocked. Make sure to separate them with comma. hotlink-protection-cpanelStep 6. Click on Allow direct request check box and click on Submit button.


Disable Hotlink Protection

Step 1. In the same page, click on Disable button.hotlink-protection-cpanel

Step 2. The feature is successfully disabled.


If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

hotlink protection

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