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How to Exclude Yourself from Web Analytics Data Report

Web analytics measures the number of visitors accessing your website including yourself. Exclude yourself from the reports to have an accurate analysis of data. Follow the steps below on how to set up the exemption. 

Step 1. Log in to my web stats page.  

Step 2. Click the Prefs link under the website in question. 

Prefs Link in My Web Stats Page

Step 3. Click on Visitor tags & filters 

Visitor Tags and Filters Option in My Web Stats Page

Step 4. Click the IP/UID link.  

Filter Web Stats via IP/UID

Step 5. Follow either of the filtering methods below.  

  • Filter traffic via IP address – Add a filter with your static IP address. Access this link to get your IP adddress. This is not recommended if your IP address is changing and if you are in a public network. 

Add Filter via IP Button in My Web Stats Page

  • Filter traffic via cookies  Scroll down to Filter traffic via cookies and click the link provided under it. Access the same link on all browsers and devices to be excluded. Make sure to allow third party cookies for this option to work.  

Filter Web Stats via Cookies in My Web Stats Page

You can now analyse your data traffic report accurately.  

Do not hesitate to contact our Singapore or Australia Support Team if you have further questions. 

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Updated on April 15, 2021

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