Export and Import emails in Outlook 2007

Learn how to export and import emails in Outlook 2007 by following the instructions from this article.

Export and Import emails in Outlook 2007

Export Emails

  1. Look for Tools menu, click Options, click the Mail Setup tab, and choose E-mail Accounts.
  2. Click the Data Files tab in the Account Settings window.
  3. Under Name, click the Personal Folders Service/ Personal Folders.
  4. Click Settings, and make sure to take note of the path and file name.

Import Emails

1. Click on File.
2. Choose on Import and Export.
3. In the Import and Export Wizard select Import Internet Mail and Addresses in the and click on Next button.
4. Choose on Outlook Express and click on Next button.
5. Click on Do not import duplicates option to avoid having emails being duplicated.
6. Click on Finish button.

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Export and Import emails in Outlook 2007

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