Reasons for Failed Domain Transfers

Whether you’re transferring a Domain Name into Vodien (transfer in) or transferring away from Vodien to another Registrar (transfer out), you may experience some issues in the process.

In this article, you will learn of the common reasons why Domain Transfer can fail and how you can fix it.

Common Reasons and How to Fix It

Awaiting Registrant Approval An email is sent to the Registrant email address that needs confirmation of the request for transfer. If no response is received, the Domain goes into Transfer Pending status and, eventually, the transfer process fails to push through.

Fix: Check the Registrant email address and make sure to approve the transfer. If the email isn’t in your Inbox, check your Spam or Junk folder. If the email has expired, contact the current Domain Registrar to have a new confirmation email sent.

Inactive Registrant Email Address If the Registrant email address is no longer active, you will not receive the confirmation email for transfer and the transfer will fail to initiate.

Fix: Update the Registrant email address by contacting your current Registrar. If your Domain is currently registered with us, you may update your email address using this guide. Once done, you can request for the confirmation email to be sent again.

Locked Domain Name The Domain Transfer will fail if the Domain Name is locked during the time of transfer.

Fix: In order to continue, you will need to contact your current Registrar to unlock your Domain. If registered with us, you can unlock your Domain using this guide.

60-Day Waiting Period Most Domain Names have a waiting period (or lock-in period) of at least 60 days past the registration date or the last transfer. Although others, like .AU Domains, only have a 3-day lock-in period while some may require that a newly registered Domain be at least (3) three months old before transferring. This waiting period will depend on the Domain’s governing Registry.

Fix: Contact your current Domain Registrar regarding the exact waiting period that applies to you, then initiate the transfer once the waiting period is complete.

Expired Domain Name The Domain Transfer will fail if the status of the Domain on both the current Registrar and Registry is expired.

Fix: The Domain Name must be renewed so it becomes active. Note that once it has been renewed, the 60-day waiting period, as mentioned above, will apply and must be completed before you can initiate the transfer.

Enabled Domain Privacy The Domain Transfer will fail if the Domain is set to private.

Fix: In order to proceed, you must set the registration to public status with the current Registrar. If your Domain is registered with us, you may disable Domain Privacy using this guide.

Incorrect Transfer Credentials Some Registries refresh the Domain Passwords to main the security of the Domains. If the Domain Password refreshes while the Domain Transfer is being initiated, the system will detect it as invalid and the transfer will fail.

Fix: You will need to contact the current Registrar to get the new Domain Password. If the Domain is registered with us, you may obtain your Domain Password using this guide. To ensure that the Domain Password does not expire during the transfer process, open the confirmation email sent to the Registrant email address and confirm the transfer right away.

To avoid failed transfers altogether, we recommend preparing your Domain before initiating the transfer. Here’s a quick checklist:

  • Check the Registrant Email Address and make sure it’s still active.
  • Obtain the Domain Password.
  • Unlock the Domain.
  • Disable Domain Privacy.
  • Make sure the Domain is still active.
  • Make sure the Domain is not under lock-in period.

That’s it! If you need help transferring your Domain, use the guides below to know how:

Please do not hesitate to contact our 24/7 Singapore or Australia Support Team if you have further questions.

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