Reasons for a Failed Domain Transfer

This article will discuss the common reasons why a domain transfer may not go through.

  • Awaiting owner response/approval

This error is reported when the current registrant or owner did not approve the transfer request for your domain name. You will need to check that  registrant or admin email address and approve the transfer. We can resend the transfer request if required.

  • Registrant email may not be in use

In order to transfer your domain name, the current administrative contact must approve it. You will recieve this error when the administrative contact’s email listed for your domain name is undeliverable/invalid.

Please update the adminstrative contact’s email listed for your domain. This must be done with the current registrar. Once the information is updated, we will send the transfer request again.

  • Domain is locked

The domain name transfer request will fail if the domain name is locked at the time of transfer. In order to proceed with the transfer, the domain name must be unlocked at the current registrar.

  • 60 day waiting period

The domain name must be at least sixty (60) days past the registration date, or the last transfer date. The domain name transfer request may be re-submitted after the 60-day period has passed. For newly registered domain names, it must be atleast 3 months from its registered date.

  • Expired domain name

The domain name transfer will fail if it is expired. The domain name must be renewed with the current registrar and if you wish to transfer the domain name over, the 60-day period as mentioned above will apply.

  • Domain name set to private

The domain name transfer will fail if the domain name is set to private. In order to proceed, you must set the registration to public with the current registrar.

  • Transfer credentials incorrect

The transfer failed because an Invalid EPP/authorization key was provided.

Please contact your current domain registrar to obtain a new EPP/authorization key. Please note that the key may expire after some time once you have requested the key.

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