Connect FTP via FileZilla [Windows]

FileZilla is a very common FTP client that will allow you to import/export upload/download files to/from your web space. Please follow the instructions below on how to connect to the FTP server. (Note: Shared hosting packages may use the port 21 while VPS and dedicated may use 21 or 22 which is the SSH.)

Filezilla Windows

Step 1.  Get your FTP credentials and open FileZilla client.

Step 2. Click on File and choose on Site Manager.

Filezilla for Windows | FTP

Step 3. Site Manager window will pop-up. Click on New Site button.Filezilla for Windows | FTP

Step 3. In the General tab, choose on Only use plain FTP (insecure) for the Encryption. For the Protocol, Shared Hosting package should use FTP while VPS and Dedicated Hosting may either use FTP or SFTP.Filezilla for Windows | FTP

Step 5. For the Logon Type, you may choose on Normal.Filezilla for Windows | FTP

Step 5. Enter your FTP Host (server name), Port, User (username) and FTP password.Filezilla for Windows | FTP
Step 6. Click on Connect button.Filezilla Windows | FTP


Another way of connecting to the FTP server is by using the Quickconnect option.

Step 1. Enter the Host, Username, FTP password and Port.Filezilla Windows | FTP

Step 2. Click on Quickconnect button.Filezilla Windows | FTP

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