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Get to Know the Plesk Interface

Plesk is a web-based interface that simplifies website and server management. In here, you can manage and maintain your shared Windows hosting. Familiarise the tools and features presented in the Plesk interface to manage your website files and email accounts with ease. 

Introduces Plesk Interface

1. Profile Options  

This section shows your name and your current selected subscription. Here, you can change the properties of your account and choose what subscription you want to manage. 

2. Help 

This is where you can access online guides and watch video tutorials connected with Windows Hosting. 

3. Theme Options  

Click this to switch from the light theme to the dark theme and vice versa. 

4. Navigation Pane 

This section is where you can access the Plesk panel features. The features are grouped by function, enabling you to manage your web hosting plans conveniently. 

  • Websites and Domains – This is where you can add and remove domains, subdomains, and aliases. Here, you can also configure your web hosting and DNS settings. 
  • Mail – Click this to create, delete, and configure email accounts and see their mail server settings. 
  • Applications – Choose this option to install and manage a variety of web applications. 
  • Files – This is where you upload, download, and manage website files that are already present on the file system. 
  • Databases – This is where you can create and manage databases. 
  • Statistics – Click this to find information about disk and traffic usage, as well as the link to web statistics that present a detailed overview of the site’s visitors. 
  • Users – This is where you add, remove, and manage user accounts that are used to log in to Plesk. 
  • Account – Choose this option to update your contact details and other personal information, as well as your subscription settings and websites. 
  • WordPress – This is where you install and manage WordPress websites. 

5. Plesk Features  

This shows all the tools relevant to the page that is currently selected from the Navigation Pane. In the example above, the Websites and Domains page is selected, so the various tools that allow managing aspects of the subscription related to web hosting are displayed. 

6. Miscellaneous Controls 

This contains several miscellaneous controls for the user’s convenience. 

Now that you know some of the Plesk features, learn to access your Plesk panel on this link.

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Updated on August 3, 2023

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