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Getting to Know FTP

FTP or File Transfer Protocol is an internet protocol used to transfer files from a user/machine (your computer) to a recognized global server (your website hosting) and vice versa. An FTP client or FTP software like FileZilla, WinSCP, CyberduckForkLiftamong others, needs to be installed on your computer to establish FTP connection. Below is a list of some functionalities found on the most commonly used FTP software.  

  1. Toolbar – Each FTP software has a different set of options but the toolbar is commonly found at the top. The button for New Site or New Connection is mostly found on this section of the FTP software. 
  2. Quickconnect Bar – This is where you can do a quick connection if you do not intend to save the configurations on the FTP software. The FTP hostname, username, password, and port are entered in this section.
  3. Message Log  This is where the logs show the status of the connection to FTP, etc.
  4. Local Pane  This is where your computer files are found. This section is usually located on the left side of the FTP software.
  5. Remote Pane  This is where your web hosting server files are found. This section is usually located on the right side of the FTP software.
  6. Transfer Queue  This is where the progress of any transfers is displayed.  

Commonly Used FTP Software 

Not all functionalities mentioned above are available on each FTP software. Take a look on the screenshots below to see where these functionalities are located on each FTP software specified 

FileZilla (Windows and Mac)

FileZilla and its Options

WinSCP (Windows) 

WinSCP and its Options

CyberDuck (Windows and Mac)  

CyberDuck Interface

Transmit (Mac) 

Transmit Before Connection

Transmit When Connected

Each FTP software has its own help pages on its website. These documentations can also be used as a guide on how you can use the FTP software on your computer.  

Do not hesitate to contact our Singapore or Australia Support Team if you have further questions. 


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Updated on January 15, 2021

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