Host external domain name

Yes it is possible to host external domain name with Vodien. All you need to do is to purchase a web hosting package with us. Once you have the package ready, please contact your Domain Registrar and change the domain name servers to point to us.

Our Name Servers / DNS are as follow:

Primary Nameserver Hostname – NS1.VODIEN.COM
Primary Nameserver HostAddress –

Secondary Nameserver Hostname – NS2.VODIEN.COM
Secondary Nameserver HostAddress –

Tertiary Nameserver Hostname – NS3.VODIEN.COM
Tertiary Nameserver HostAddress –

Note: Please take note of the IP address of your website (if website is hosted with another company) and MX records (if emails are hosted somewhere else) too.

Also be informed that propagation of DNS will take 6-12 hours.

You may check if the propagation has completed via this link below.

Once it has propagated, it will then point to our servers for host records and you can start using our web hosting services.

If you already have a hosting package and wants to add the external domain name as an addon, please make sure that you have changed the name servers of the domain name and follow the instructions below:

Step 1. Log in to the cPanel.

cPanel-Login-SS | Host external domain

Step 2. Click on Addon Domains under Domain panel.

Host external domain

Step 3. Enter the domain name.

Host external domain

Step 4. When you enter the domain name, cPanel automatically populates the Subdomain or FTP Username text box. If you want to create multiple addon domains that have the same username and different extensions (such as and, manually enter a unique username into the Subdomain or FTP Username text box.


Step 5. Enter the directory that will contain the addon domain’s files in the Document Root text box.
Step 6. Enter the FTP password for the addon domain into the Password text box.
NOTE: Make sure you use a secure password. You can use the Password Generator feature to generate a secure password.
Step 7.  Confirm the password in the Confirm Password text box.


Step 8. Click Add Domain button.

The system will then try to detect the name servers of the domain name and will show a message prompt that it was added successfully. However, if the name servers are not pointed to Vodien, you will see the following error message:

Host external domain

That is why it is necessary for the name servers to be changed before you add it into the system.

Contact us if you need further help with this!

Host external domain name

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