Hosting Adhoc Fees




Shared Hosting Files and Folders Restoration

 Last 7 days Retention/Restore (subject to availability

 S$250 per website restoration
Jet Backup Files & Folders
One-time Free Vodien-assisted restoration from your current hosting plan’s Remote Automatic Backups, once per month; subsequent assisted-restoration request will be S$25 one-time cost
VPS Files and Folders Restoration
Last 7 days Retention/Restore (subject to availability
S$250 per restoration request
Managed Restoration and Site Cleanup
S$120 per request for a single website
Reinstatement and Restoration for Terminated Accounts
up to S$150 per request per restoration (subject to availability of the backup)
Retrieval of Log Files
S$500 processing fee

Hosting Service

Operating System ReloadS$50 per request (24-hours Turn Around)
S$150 per request (4-hours Turn Around)
Website Updates – Flexible Pricing
S$50 per 30 Mins
S$100 per 60 Mins
Professional Services (System Administration)
S$50 per hour
SSL Installation
Free, if SSL Certificate is purchased from Vodien
Free, installation of self-signed SSL (customer will do it via cPanel)
S$25 per SSL Certificate if purchased from external providers
Software Installation and Validation – ffMPEG
S$250 per request
Software Installation and Validation – Memcache
S$250 per request
Software Installation and Validation – APC
S$250 per request
Software Installation and Validation – TomcatS$250 per request
Software Installation and Validation – Rails
S$250 per request
Software Installation and Validation –VODIEN CodeExtract EncapsulationS$100 per request
Software Installation and Validation – RedisS$250 per request

Hosting Accounts

Late Fee10% late fee charge for payments overdue for 60 days

Migration Services

(New Hosting Signup)

cPanel Migration (Web/Business/VPS/DS Hosting Only)

First 5GB: Free

Extra 5GB: S$25 One-time cost

non-cPanel Migration (Web/Business/VPS/DS Hosting Only)

1 x Website & 5 x Email Boxes : Free for 1st 5GB, $25 per each 5GB thereafter

Extra 1 Email: S$10 One-time cost

Extra 1x Website: S$150 One-time cost

Email Migration (Email/BizMail Hosting Only)

Unlimited Email: Free

First 1GB Per Email: Free

Extra 1GB Per Email: S$10 One-time cost

Migration Services

(Existing Hosting Plans)

 Website Migration (Static) – 1 Domain Name S$50 per request
Website Migration (Dynamic) – 1 Domain Name S$150 per request
cPanel Migration (Non-Full Backup Enabled Transfers) – 1 Domain NameS$50 per request
Email Migration (per Email Account)S$10 per Email Account (All emails in all folders covered)

Website/Application Administration

Static Website Update
(Footer update, Banner update)
S$50 per 30 minutes
S$100 per 60 minutes
Dynamic Website Software Update
– applicable to WordPress only
– includes update Versioning Requests
– includes Applications/Plugins
S$50 per request
Dynamic Website Software Update (No Plugins & Themes)
S$25 per request
Dynamic Website Software Update (No Plugins & Themes)
S$2500 per request
Securing Dynamic Website Login Interface
– Password Protect Directories
S$25 per request
Force Reset For Web Application Administrator Password
S$25 per request
Switch WordPress Base Directory
– Eg., domain/wp to domain/
S$25 per request
Create Under Construction Index Page (HTML)S$25 per request
Force HTTP-to-HTTPS Website Redirection
– includes Internal Conversion Link
S$250 per request
Create/Edit .htaccess RulesS$25 per request
Create/Edit Custom php.iniS$25 per request
 Disable Google XML SiteMap S$25 per request

Database Administration

Import MySQL DatabaseS$50 per request
Export MySQL DatabaseS$50 per request
 Execute MySQL Database Commands S$50 per request

Audit Services

Web/FTP Server Logs Audit
– Basic/Business Service Plans Only
Complete Server Logs Audit
Submission For Delisting of DNSBL/RBLs
 Account/Server-Wide Anti-Malware Scan S$250

Are there any hidden fees or setup fees?

There are absolutely no hidden fees involved, all prices are clearly stipulated on our website. All our web hosting plans, reseller web hosting plans and VPS do not require any setup fees.

Do not hesitate to contact our support team if you have further questions.

Hosting Adhoc Fees

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