How Does Traffic Booster Work

Traffic Booster service lets you submit your website to search engines e.g., Google, Yahoo, Bing, among others. In return, these search engines crawl your website and check how relevant it is to the keywords you submitted. After crawling your website, these search engines decide if your website can be listed on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). 

Traffic Booster has two submission types: Pro Submit and Express Submit.

Pro Submit Button in Traffic Booster

Below are the three steps to Pro Submit your website. This is the type of submission recommended when it’s your first time using the Traffic Booster. 

A website link or URL that returns an error when accessed has a bad effect on your website’s SEO ranking. It is important that these links are all up to date and checked from time to time. Traffic booster has a site link checker to save you time from checking your website URLs one by one. Not only will it check external links (leading to other sites), it will also check internal links (leading to other parts of your site) and even links within different parts of the same page. 

Check Site Link Section in Traffic Booster

Step 2. Optimise your Site.

good search engine gives the most relevant answers on their SERPs. Because of this, it has its own criteria on how a website will be ranked, whether a website is qualified to be on the first page, or on the last page of the resultsTraffic booster helps your website put up a good impression to most commonly used search engines. 

One of the factors considered are the meta tags. Meta tags help tell a search engine what the page is all about. 

Traffic Booster saves you from having to know HTML, though – you can write out what you want to say in plain text and Traffic Booster will generate the HTML tags for you. You can then paste these HTML tags to the header on every page of your website. 

Even more importantly, in this step, you will see overall reports on your site, giving you valuable insight into what a search engine sees. 

Here are some of the things that these reports include: 

Site Preview  A preview of how your site will look in the search engine’s ranking pages. 
Meta Tags Report  A preview of your meta tags and advice on how to optimise them. 
Overall Page Report  A report on your page, including number of URL’s, size of the page, and how quickly it loads. 
Keyword Density  The words that the search engines find most often on your page. These let it know what the page is about. 
Internal Links  A list of all the links on the page that lead to other parts of your site. 
External Links  A list of all the links on the page that lead to other sites. 

These reports let you know when your SEO strategy is working and what you can change to make your site better. 

Step 3: Submit Your Site 

Waiting for search engines to find your website takes time as there are a lot of websites in the world to be indexed. Submitting it using the Traffic Booster reduces the waiting time to a month or two. Submit your website to more than 80 search engines simultaneously. 

Submit Site Button in Traffic Booster

Click Submit to 80+ Search Engines after completing steps 1 and 2, and you’re good to go! 

Tip: Make sure to submit your website every 8 weeks especially when changes are made to it. 

Feel free to contact our Singapore or Australia Support Team if you have further questions. 

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