How to Access My Hosting Control Panel

Once you get a confirmation that your hosting service is already active, you can start accessing your cPanel to create your website or create your emails. 

You have two ways in accessing your Control Panel: 

via Link

You will just simply type your domain name on the address bar and add ‘/cpanel’. Like this:

Note: Replace to your Main Domain name. 

You’ll be asked to log in to your cPanel with the credentials initially sent to you when the hosting service was activated. We also recommend adding this on your bookmarks so that it will be easier for you to access your cPanel in the future. 

via Vodien Site

These steps below will only work for clients that are only hosted with Vodien. On the main Vodien website, you can log in to cPanel from there. Here are the steps. 

Step 1. Go to Vodien SG or AU.
Step 2Click My Account on the top-right and click the drop-down box and choose cPanel Login. 

Step 3. Enter your cPanel credentials: 

Step 4. Click Log In. 

You will then be routed to your Hosting Control Panel 

Should you have any more queries, don’t hesitate to contact our Singapore or Australia Support Team, they’ll be happy to help. 

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