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How to Access Exchange Manager

Email Exchange allows you to synchronise and access all EmailsCalendarsContacts, and Tasks across all devices. To create and configure your Email Exchange Mailboxes, you will need to access your Exchange Manager. This article will define Exchange Manager and guide you through how to access it.

Note: The steps herein are for AustDomains email Exchange plans.

What Is Exchange Manager

Exchange Manager is a web-based management console where you can configure your Mailbox settings and take full control of your personal and business email needs.

In your Exchange Manager you can:

  • Create, Edit, and Delete Users.
  • Create Mailboxes.
  • Restore and Backup Mailboxes.
  • Update Mailbox passwords.
  • View Disk and Bandwidth Reports.
  • Change Exchange Manager password.
  • Set up Mailbox plans (Mailbox Quota).
  • Manage ActiveSync Policy.

Exchange Manager is not limited to the settings mentioned above. To get access to these settings, read on and follow our guide.

How to Access Exchange Manager

Follow the steps below on how to log in to Exchange Manager via Vodien Account Manager.

Tip: You can directly log in to Exchange Control Panel. The logins here are different than your Vodien Account Manager logins.

Step 1. Log in to your Vodien Account Manager. 

Step 2. Click Email on the menu bar at the top of the page.

Email Button in Vodien Account Manager

Step 3. Click on the email Exchange plan in question if there are multiple email plans in the account. Otherwise, skip this step.

Step 4. Click the [+] plus button on the upper right side of the page and choose Control Panel.

Drop Down Options for Email in Vodien Account Manager

Step 5. Enter your Exchange Manager username and password, then click Login.

Exchange Control Panel Login Page

You are now logged in to your Exchange Manager. If you forgot your password, see Where is My Exchange Manager Password or How to Reset Exchange Manager Password guides.

Feel free to contact our Singapore or Australia Support Team if you have further questions.

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Updated on April 25, 2021

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