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How to Add Product or Service Sub-Contacts

A Sub-Contact serves as a Secondary Administrator authorised by the main account to carry out actions on behalf of the Registrant/Owner.

Once you register for a Domain, Hosting or any Product/Service using your Vodien Account, the system automatically uses your Account Profile as the Registrant Contact (Owner) and creates other Sub-Contacts using the same Profile. The Sub-Contacts created are the following:

  • Admin Contact – Appointed contact for Administrative concerns.
  • Tech Contact – Appointed contact for Technical concerns.
  • Billing Contact – Appointed contact for Billing concerns.

This means that by default, you are the Registrant, Admin, Tech, and Billing Contact for all your Domains and Products.

Note: If you wish to change the Registrant Contact, a separate process is required and is treated as a Change of Ownership request. Contact our 24/7 Singapore or Australia Support Team for more information.

If you wish to appoint someone else as a Sub-Contact to manage each corresponding concern for a specific Domain/Product, you can easily do so through your Account Manager using the steps below:

  1. Log in to the SG or AU Account Manager.
  2. Click on a Category from the top menu.
  3. Click on the Domain/Product that you wish to manage.
    If you only have (1) one Domain/Product under that Category, you will automatically be routed to its Management page.
  4. Scroll down to the Administration section.
  5. Hover your mouse pointer over the Sub-Contact that you wish to manage, then click the Assign New option that appears on its right.

    If you are trying to appoint a different person as the Sub-Contact, do not use the Modify option. The Modify option will only allow you to update your current Account Profile information, and will change the Sub-Contact details for all your Domains/Products in the account, including your Account Profile itself.

  6. You can assign the Sub-Contact to an Existing Customer or a New Customer:

    • For Existing Customer – Select between Customer’s ID or Username. Enter the Vodien Account Customer ID or Vodien Account Username of your Assignee in the field provided, then click Assign New ID.
    • For New Customer – Enter the required information in the fields provided, then click Create Contact. A new Vodien Account will be created for your Sub-Contact with limited access to your Domain/Product – but with no access to your own account.

Do not hesitate to contact our SG or AU Support Team if you have further questions.

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Updated on July 1, 2020

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