How to Change Drupal Site Name

Drupal site name is displayed on the upper left side of your home page. This is also what appears beside the tab icon by default when you are on the home page of your website.  

Change your Drupal site name using the steps below:  

Step 1. Log in to your Drupal dashboard via the link  (replace with the domain of your website) or via Softaculous Apps Installer in cPanel. 

Step 2. Click the Manage drop-down. 

Drupal Admin Page Manage Button

Step 3. Click the Configuration button.

Drupal Admin Page Configuration Tab

Step 4. Click the Basic site settings option under SYSTEM category. 

Drupal Basic Site Settings

Step 5. Enter the new Site name in the box provided.

Enter New Site Name in Drupal Admin Page

Step 6. Click the Save configuration button at the bottom of the page to save the changes made. 

Save Configuration Button in Drupal Admin Page

Try accessing the website. The changes should take effect right away. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 Singapore or AustraliaSupport Team if you have further questions.  

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