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How to Create a New Email with Exchange

Exchange offers different types of Mailboxes and administrators have to create the Mailbox and configure its properties for their users. In this article, learn the different types of Mailboxes and how to create a new Mailbox to start using Email Exchange.

Types of Mailboxes

Mailbox is assigned to a single user, wherein all emails are stored. Below are the three types of Mailboxes that you can create via Exchange Manager:

  • User Mailbox – is created for an actual person or user and is given access to an Active Directory that allows the user to send and receive emails, create meetings and other appointments, and create tasks.
  • Room Mailbox – is a resource mailbox that is associated with an actual room or meeting location, like a training room or conference room, which provides users with a convenient way to book rooms and organise meetings.
  • Equipment Mailbox – is also a resource mailbox but is designated to resources that are non-location specific, wherein users can easily book and organise equipment requests for using projectors, microphones, or a company car, among others.

To create an email account, you need to:

  1. Create a New User
  2. Create a New User Mailbox
Note: The steps herein are for AustDomains email Exchange plan. If you have another type of email hosting plan, follow the steps on how to create an email account or mailbox

1. Create a New User 

Step 1. Log in to Exchange Manager. 

Step 2. Under Hosted Organization, click Users (User Organization).

Users Button in Exchange Manager

Step 3. Click Create New User if the email account is not yet on the Users list. Otherwise, proceed to Create a New Mailbox.

Create New User Button in Exchange Manager

Step 4. Enter the following required information:

Name: Enter your complete name.
Display Name: Enter a name for your Mailbox, which will be visible to other users.
E-mail Address: Enter the new Email Address to use for a specific user.
Password: Enter a strong Password to use for accessing this Mailbox via the Email Address created above.
Confirm Password: Re-type your Password.

Step 5. Click Create User.

Create User Button in Exchange Manager

The page redirects you to User General Information once it’s successfully created. Create a new mailbox to complete the email account.

User General Information in Exchange Manager

2. Create a New User Mailbox 

Step 1. Log in to Exchange Manager. 

Step 2. Under Hosted Organization – Exchange, click Mailboxes.

Mailboxes Button in Exchange Manager

Step 3. Click New Mailbox. 

New Mailbox Button in Exchange Manager

Step 4. Click Existing User.

Existing User Button in Exchange Manager

Step 5. A list of user/s with no mailbox pops up. Select the name of the user for the mailbox.

Select User for Mailbox in Exchange Manager

Step 6. Select the mailbox plan/size.

Select Mailbox Plan Name in Exchange Manager

Step 7. Click the Create Mailbox button on the lower right side of the page.

Step 8. The page redirects you to Edit Mailbox. Under Settings tab, click Save Changes.

Save Changes Button in Mailbox Settings

The same page displays a message that changes have been successfully updated. You can now log in to Outlook Web Access to test the email account.

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Updated on April 24, 2021

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