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How to Get Started with Simple SEO

Simple SEO is a tool that suggests action plans on what is best for your website to be on top of search engine rankings. Follow the steps below to use it.  

  1. Set up an SEO Project 
  2. Manage the Health Check Results  
  3. Build Your SEO Action Plan  
  4. Implement Your SEO Action Plans  
  5. Generate Results  

Step 1. Set up an SEO Project 

Setting up your SEO project is important as this is where you give information about your website. In return, the SEO tool gives you suggestions on what you can do to improve your search engine rankings.  

  1. Access the Online Marketing Hub 
  2. On the product card, click the Business Profile Progress bar to open your Business Profile.  
  3. Go to the SEO SETTINGS tab. 

SEO Settings on Business Profile

4. Fill out the primary SEO settings.  

  • Industry Sector – Select the field of your business from the drop-down. 
  • Ranking Data Source – Select the location of your target/customers from the drop-down. This is where the SEO tool gets the idea as to what is in demand on that certain location’s search engines 
  • Keywords – Enter keyword/s of what your website content is about. This helps your website show up on results when those keywords are searched. The number of keywords you can enter depends on your Simple SEO plan. Click Enter on your keyboard to separate each keyword if there are multiple.  
  • Competitors – Enter at most four competitor websites. The Simple SEO tool tracks the rankings of these websites and lets you know what your website lacks. This section is optional.  
  • Project Hours – Choose the minimum number of hours you can commit to this SEO project.  


Lower Part of SEO Settings

Important: Allow at least 30 minutes for the system to scan your website and your competitor’s website to gather the needed data before you proceed to the next step.

Step 2. Manage the Health Check Results 

The Simple SEO tool health checks your website as to what it needs for it to be on top of the ranking. Follow the steps below to see the results of the health check and how to filter the available actions.  

  1. Access the Online Marketing Hub.  
  2. Open the SEO tool of your website.  

Simple SEO Open Button3. Under AVAILABLE ACTIONS, click the drop-down list to see the Health Checks passed.  

Health Checks Passed List4. If you want to prioritise one action over another, use the ACTION FILTER on the right-most side of the page.  

Simple SEO Action Filter

  • Action Type – Click the action type whether you want to do the Design related actions first, or Site Content related actions.  
  • Estimate – Drag the time duration range slider to filter the actions depending on how long they take to finish.  
  • Difficulty – Click the difficulty level of the actions that you want to filter.  

5. Click SUBMIT 

Simple SEO Action Filter Window

Step 3. Build Your SEO Action Plan  

Select from the available actions as to what you can do with the time you can invest in your SEO project. Follow the steps below to set your SEO action plan.  

  1. Click Details on any available action that you want to do.  
  2. Check all the information about the action if the steps are doable with regard to its duration and difficulty.  
  3. Click the PLAN button to add it to PLANNED ACTIONS 

Simple SEO Action DetailsUnder the PLANNED ACTIONS tab, you can track the total, what’s in progress, and the completed actions. 

Simple SEO Planned Actions Tab

Step 4. Implement Your SEO Action Plans  

Now that you have added your PLANNED ACTIONS, it is time to implement them. Follow the steps below to do so.  

  1. Under the PLANNED ACTIONS tab, click the Details of the action that you want to do.  

Simple SEO Planned Action Details2. Read and complete each step/task from left to right, top to bottom.  

Simple SEO Action Details Overview3. Click the COMPLETE button once all steps/tasks are accomplished. 

Simple SEO Complete Button4. Enter the number of hours that you have completed the task and click SUBMIT 

Simple SEO Enter Number of HoursStep 5. Generate Results

Evaluate the efficiency of the actions completed by generating the results. Follow the steps to generate them.  

  1. Access the Online Marketing Hub.  
  2. Open the SEO tool of your website.

Simple SEO Open Button

3. Under RESULTS, select the From and To dates. Then, choose whether to generate Weekly or Monthly report/s.  

4. Click GENERATE 

Simple SEO Generate Results

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Updated on November 1, 2022

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