How Can I Have My Own Email

Email hosting is an internet web hosting service that operates email servers, catered to businesses that rely on emails as their main form of communication. 

Although Vodien’s Web Hosting service includes a few email accounts, Email Hosting service is separate. This is also a premium service which is different from the typical free email accounts such as Gmail or Hotmail 

With Vodien, you can choose between getting a Basic Email or Exchange Email hosting. Below is the difference between the two. 

What Is Basic Email Hosting 

If you just started your own business small or start-up or advertise yourself as a freelancer, a professional business email is the best way to promote. Basic Email hosting can provide your brand of email i.e. 

Basic Email hosting provides you with two options to choose: Basic Email, for start-ups, small owners, freelancers, and Business Email for SMEs, e-commerce businesses, heavy email users. These vary with the number of mailboxes and storage. You may need to ask yourself how many emails you need, to help you decide which plan to use. 

What Is Email Exchange 

Email Exchange is an email platform solution developed by Microsoft. It’ll let you manage not just your emails, but your CalendarsContacts, and Tasks as well. It is synchronised across your devices and with your colleagues. Just like Basic Email hosting, you can have your email address as 

There are optional applications that you can download and use on your desktop, applications such as WordExcelPowerPoint, and Outlook.

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 Singapore or Australia Support Team.

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