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How to Set up Your Email Account on Windows Phone

Windows Phones can cater different email account set up. If you use a Windows Phone and would like to access your emails any time, let this article guide you. The steps below reflect the later to the recent versions of Windows Phone.

If you are having troubles with your current set up, click the guided link to edit your email settings.

Note: Before you go through the steps, make sure you have your email address and the password ready. If you have troubles with your password, click the guided link on how to change your email address password.

1. Open Settings.
2. Select Accounts. Tap Add an account.
3. Select Advanced set-up. Choose Internet email.
4. On the Internet email account screen, type in the following:

Account Name Anything to identify which email this is, e.g. Work.
Your Name This can be your full name. This will be displayed when you send out emails.
Incoming email server
Account type POP or IMAP
Email Address The email address you are setting up, e.g. [email protected]
Username Full email address, e.g. [email protected]
Password The password to your email address.
Outgoing (SMTP) email server

5. Keep all check boxes ticked, especially Outgoing server requires authentication.
You may uncheck Require SSL for both incoming and outgoing email if you don’t wish to use SSL.
6. Tap Sign In.

You’ll then see All done! screen, your email address is now ready to use.

Edit Settings 

If you have troubles with your email specially with sending and receiving emailsfollow the steps below on how to edit your email settings: 

1. Go to Settings.
2. Tap Accounts or Email + accounts.
3. Tap the email address you’d like to edit.
4. Scroll down to the email settings, you can change the following: 

  • Incoming Server 
  • Outgoing Server 
  • Password 

5. Tap the check icon and the bottom to save changes. 

You can then go back to your Email app and check your email is syncing. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 Singapore or Australia Support Team if you have further questions. 

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Updated on July 3, 2020

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