How to Solve Clamd Download Error

Clamd or the ClamAV Daemon scans malicious files on your server. The ClamAV plugin is available in WHM. Installing this makes the Virus Scanner option appear in cPanel. However, downloading Clamd may not always be successful.

Virus Scanner Option in cPanel

Here is what you can try: 

Note: SSH connection is only allowed in Vodien Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers .

Step 1. Connect to SSH via Windows or connect to SSH via Mac 

Step 2. Access the directory /usr/share/clamav/ or enter the code below on the command line. cd /usr/share/clamav/

Step 3. Move the three database files by executing the command below. Replace home/directory with the directory where you want to move the files.  mv daily.cvd main.cld mirrors.dat home/directory

Another way is to delete the three database files by executing the command below:rm daily.cvd main.cld mirrors.dat

Step 4. Run the clam updates by entering the code provided below. freshclam

Step 5. Restart clam daemon with this command: /scripts/restartsrv_clamd

Step 6. If the report shows an outdated database, you can run freshclam again to update and do another restart. Otherwise, proceed to Step 7 

Step 7. Log in to WHM. 

WHM Login Page

Step 8. Click cPanel on the sidebar menu or on the Home page.  

cPanel Option in WHM

Step 9. Click Manage Plugins.  

Manage Plugins Option in WHM

Step 10. Click Uninstall “ClamAV for cPanel. 

Uninstall ClamAV Button in WHM

Step 11. Wait for the confirmation message to appear that the execution is complete.  

Clamav Uninstalled Message in WHM

Step 12. Re-install the ClamAV for cPanel by clicking the Install “ClamAV for cPanel” button.  

Clamav Install Button in WHM

Wait for the confirmation message to appear that the installation is complete. 

Clamav Installed Message in WHM

Confirm the changes by checking if the Virus Scanner option shows in cPanel.  

Contact our Singapore or Australia Support Team if you have further questions. 

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