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How to Solve My Website Page Not Found Error

Error 404 also known as Not Found error means that the server is trying to reach a page which is not accessible. It could be a page that you may have renamed to something else. For example: index.php the file might have been changed to indxe.php.

not found error message 404 error


Here are some ways you can follow to solve your error:

1. Make sure that the start/home page is a valid index file.

  • Check the spelling of the index file on your File Manager and check if the extension is also correct. If you have two valid index files in a directory, the server will load the file higher up on the priority list. See the complete list of valid file names.

2. Check that your domain name DNS records are correct.

  • If these records are incorrect or misspelled, this could cause the error. Learn more of Vodien’s name servers here. Or if you’re hosting provider is a third-party provider, we recommend contacting them directly.

3. Allow global propagation.

  • If you’ve already changed the name servers, please allow at least 2 – 4 hours for propagation. This could take up to 48 hours.

4. Check to ensure that your domain name is up to date.

  • An expired domain name will mean that nobody can access your website. Make sure your domain registration is up to date. We recommend setting up domain auto renewal.

If you have further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 Singapore or Australia Support Team.

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Updated on November 24, 2022

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