How to Solve My Website Page Not Found Error?

What is Error 404?

Also known as Not Found error.

  • It means that the server is trying to reach a page which is no longer accessible.
  • A page you have may be renamed to something else.
    Example: Instead of index.php probably the file has been renamed to inedx.php.


Troubleshooting Guide

If you have already signed up for a hosting account with us, please go through the following steps:

1) Make sure that the start/home page of your site has a valid index page.

If you have two valid index pages in a directory, the server will load the file higher up on the priority list. See the complete list of valid filenames sorted in the order of priority

2) Check that your domain name records are correct

This is important, especially when first altering your domain name server records at the registrar. View our name server information here.

Note: If your domain is registered through us, kindly contact us and we will rectify any errors on your behalf.

3) Allow for propagation globally

If your domain name server is already set to the name servers provided, please allow up to 48 hours forĀ  full propagation to complete. Typically, you should be able to access your website within 24 hours. Should you have any difficulty accessing your website after 48 hours, kindly contact us and we will assist you.

Note: Your friends might be able to visit your website before you do, this is due to different Internet Service Providers caching domain name records at different times.

4) Check to ensure that your domain is not expired

An expired domain name will mean that nobody will be able to access your website.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Page Not Found Error

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