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How To Start an Email Campaign

Set up your first email campaign after purchasing the email marketing product using the steps below. 

  1. Access your email marketing dashboard.   

Add First Campaign Button

3. Enter the Campaign Name. 

4. Edit Email Details.

Step 1. Enter the Campaign Name 

Step 2. Enter the subject of the email in the Campaign Subject field.  

Step 3.  Supply the Sender Details 

  • From Name – The name that displays where the email is from.  
  • From Email – The email address that shows as the sender’s email. If the email address is not on the drop-down, click MANAGE EMAIL ADDRESSES and add your preferred email address. 

Step 4. Under Reply Details, toggle Reply to same as “From Email” if necessary. If the email address is not on the drop-down, click MANAGE EMAIL ADDRESSES and add your preferred email address. 

Step 5. Select your preferred way of Tracking Replies 

Step 6. Click SAVE DETAILS. 

Save Email Details Button5. Click START DESIGNING to Design Your Email 

Start Designing Button

Step 1. Choose whether to design From Scratch or Use Template provided by the platform.  Then, CONFIRM SELECTION 

Confirm Selection Design Button

Step 2. Add or edit the necessary details for your email template. See this guide to design email for a campaign.  

Step 3. Click SAVE & CONTINUE to proceed to the next step.  

Save Design and Continue Button6. Click EDIT RECIPIENTS to Choose Your Audience 

Edit Recepients for the Campaign Button


Step 1. Select whether to send the newsletter to All Active Contacts or selected Mailing List/s. Then select the Mailing List if necessary. Read the following guides to manage contacts and mailing lists:  

Step 2. Click CONFIRM SELECTION to proceed to the next step.  

Confirm Selection of Audience Button7. Click the drop-down arrow for Preview & Test. This gives you the option to send the newsletter to test contacts and to see what the newsletter looks like.  

Preview and Test Drop-down

Step 1. Set up the Test Email Recipients. Select to either send it to All Test Contacts or enter Specific Contacts in the box provided. Separate the email addresses by pressing Enter key for each contact.  

Enter or Choose Email Recipients

Step 2. Check the Preview under the Desktop and Mobile tabs and go back to Design Your Email section if you want to change something 

Step 3. Once everything is approved, click SEND TEST

Send Test Button8. If the test goes smoothly, and the email is now ready to be sent, click the drop-down to Schedule the sending and set the date and time. If you want to send it right away, skip this step. 

Schedule & Send Drop-down9. Click SEND CAMPAIGN 

Send Campaign Button

Tip: If you want to take a pause in setting up an email campaign, you can click on the SAVE DRAFT button and come back to it later. 


Confirm Sending ButtonThe system automatically schedules the sending a few minutes after confirmation. This gives you time to cancel the sending. The confirmation message will show as follows.  

Email Sent Successfully MessageTo track your email campaigns, learn how to manage reports for an email campaign

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Updated on March 13, 2023

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