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How to Submit Your Site with Traffic Booster

Traffic Booster is a tool that prepares and submits your website to commonly used search engines. The results of this submission still depend on how optimised your website is and how relevant it is to the keywords you have submitted.  

Step 1. Check Your Website  

This checks your website for any broken links. This is a vital step since no search engines promote a website with broken links.  

  1. Access Online Marketing Hub
  2. Click Open the Traffic Booster product in question. Make sure it is under the website domain name you want to submit.

Open Traffic Booster Button3. Click the CHECK button to check any broken links on your website. This is vital as broken links cause your website to be ranked poorly on search engines.

Traffic Booster Check Button4. If it is your first time checking broken links on your website, select Check full site and then START CHECKING. This checks all web pages on your website.  

Start Full Site CheckingSelect Check single web page if you just updated one webpage and want to check it for broken links. Specify the URL slug in the box before clicking START CHECKING 

Check Single Web PageWork with your web developer if there are broken links shown on the results. Then, you can move on to optimising your site once you get the ideal results as shown below.  

Good Checking Results

Step 2. Optimise Your Website  

This tool gives suggestions on how you can improve your website including the appropriate number of pages, and adding meta descriptions, among others.  

  1. On the Traffic Booster tool of your Online Marketing Hub, click OPTIMISE.

Optimise Button on Traffic Booster Tool2. If it is your first time optimising your website, select Optimise full site and then START OPTIMISING.

Start Full Site Optimising Button3. Act on the suggestions provided in the results. These suggestions improve your website’s ranking on search engines.  

Traffic Booster Optimisation Result

Once your website is optimised and improved, proceed to submit your website to search engines.  

Step 3. Submit to All Search Engines 

This tool lets you select the region of your target audience and enter your keywords before submitting the website to search engines.  

  1. On the Traffic Booster tool of your Online Marketing Hub, click SUBMIT.

Traffic Booster Submit Button2. Choose the Region and Language of your target audience.  

Select Region and Language on Search Engines3. Enter three to 15 keywords that are relevant to your website. The search engines in the previous step will display your website as a result when the keywords that you have set up are searched. Click enter on your keyboard after every keyword.  

Enter Keywords to Submit to Search EnginesThe submission results will show after 30 seconds as displayed in the screenshot below. Wait for your website to show on search engine results six to eight weeks after the submission.  

Traffic Booster Submission Results

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Updated on October 19, 2022

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