How to update Account Manager profile

Here are some of the methods you need to do to transfer billing account ownership or change billing account details.

Update Details via Account Manager

If you have the login details for the account, please follow the steps below.

(Note: This process is also the same as updating the account information like email address or billing address. You may leave other information like First Name and Last name as the same.)

Step 1. Log in to the Account Manager.

Step 2. Either click “EDIT PROFILE” from the home page

Or click on the drop-down arrow next to your first name and click “MY PROFILE”

Step 3. Replace the contact information on the Profile page and click ‘Save Changes’

Step 4. To change the registered email address, click “Security” tab.

Step 5. Enter the new email address in the Email and Username fields and Enter the current password and new password (you may use the same passwords if you do not want to change your Account Manager password).

Step 6. Click “Save”.

Request via Email and Phone

If you do not have login details for the account you may do the following:

1.  Request the previous registered user to login to account and make the above changes.

2. Or email and ask for the Change of Account Ownership Request Form.  Upon submitting the form, you will be charged SGD25 for us to process and verify the claim.

Step 3. Request the previous registered owner to call us at 6288-6264, on the registered phone number.

Do not hesitate to contact our support team if you have further questions.

change billing account details

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