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How to Upload Files and Folders in Plesk

After you’ve ensured that your Name Servers and DNS settings are correct and you’re ready to upload your website files into your hosting, you will need to know where to upload your files. Your website files should be in the right folder for your website to work properly. Read the following domain types with their description, URL when accessing their website, and their file path where you can upload their website files. Then, learn how to upload files/folders in Plesk. 

Main Domain 

The main domain is the primary domain associated with your Windows Hosting. This is the domain you provided when you purchased the hosting. It typically looks like 

For your website contents to show every time someone accesses the URL, upload the website files in this file directory on your Plesk: homedirectory/httpdocs. The image below is how the Plesk panel will look like when you access the mentioned file directory. 

Main Domain file Directory in Plesk


A subdomain is an extension of your main domain and can be set up as It is used as a separate section or a mini site of your main website. 

To access the mini site, the website files must be in homedirectory/ The screenshot below shows the aforementioned directory on Plesk. 

Subdomain File Directory in Plesk

Addon Domain 

An addon domain is an entirely separate registered domain name that you can host on your existing hosting account. An example is, and its files are stored in a subdirectory of your main domain as shown below.  

Addon Domain File Directory in Plesk


Addon domains are only allowed in Premium and Unlimited Windows Hosting plans. 

Steps to Upload Files in Plesk  

Now that we’ve clarified the types of domains and their file directory, let’s learn to upload files in Plesk. 

  1. Access Plesk for Windows Hosting 
  2. Click Files on the left side bar menu and access the file directory of your website as discussed above.  
  3. Once you are in the correct directory, click the plus sign [+] button to select from the menu. Choose Upload File to upload a file or Upload Directory to upload a folder.

Upload File Option on Plesk

4. Select the file/folder to be uploaded from your device and wait until the progress bar closes. This means that the upload is complete.  

The uploaded file will now show in the file directory on Plesk. 

Windows Hosting Test File on Plesk

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Updated on August 3, 2023

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