Why is HTTPS not showing when accessing the site?

Please be guided by the details below on why is HTTPS not showing when accessing the site.

  1. You have not installed the SSL certificate correctly.
    You may need to double check the installation of your SSL.
  2. You have not configured site URL settings to use the HTTPS.
    Some website application or editor needs configuration with their website URL settings and must use the https instead of http.
  3. Web site URL is not redirected to the secured site URL.
    Additional configuration with the redirection must be made. Your site URL with the http must be redirected to the https.
  4. SSL certificate has expired.
    You need to make sure that you have successfully renewed your SSL certificate for your domain name.
  5. Browser incompatibility issue.
    Even though we have installed SSL on the server, it only meets one of the browser requirements which your website now allows user to access the URL via https via a browser.
    However, at this point of time the browser is still not able to fully confirm that your entire website is secure because, there are some codes in the website referencing to non https links and it is something that your web developer has to resolve by identify the images pulled that is not on a secure link.
    The browser is not only expecting that you have SSL installed on the server, it also expects your website codes to pull up files from https secured content as well.

Do not hesitate to contact our support team if you have further questions.

HTTPS not showing

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